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The event opened up with the Big O sending a message to Tyler Murphy that he’s coming for the NYWC FUSION Championship. He then stated that if he needed to start from the bottom of the ladder again, to earn an opportunity for a shot at the title… he would gladly face anyone to earn the opportunity. Johnny Radke, Bishop and Bear Bronson accepted O’s challenge, and a series of matches began. Big O def. Johnny Radke, Bishop and Bear Bronson

Papadon def. Aidan Baal

“Flawless” Blake Morris def. King Mega

Devil Doll emerged from the locker room, and heads to the ring. She makes a statement to the NYWC crowd that she has remained undefeated, and dominant, as the NYWC Starlet Champion. She then makes a challenge to J-Redd for a championship opportunity. J-Redd accepted the challenge, and the match began. J-Redd def. Devil Doll - New NYWC Starlet Champion

Angelo Andrews def. Braydon Knight

NYWC Tag Team Championship

NYWC Tag Team Championship

NYWC Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hatred def. Bull James and Mouse

Moments after the match concluded... Bull James boldly and viciously declared that Mouse, himself, and two other mystery team members will face Stockade, and the Hounds of Hatred, in the 15th Annual Psycho Circus Match

FSW Showcase Match

FSW Showcase Match

Suntan def. AJ Spectre

Tag Team Triple Threat Match

Tag Team Triple Threat Match

Anthony LaCerra and Jesse Vane def. The Benson Brothers and The Fella Twins - New #1 Contender's for the NYWC Tag Team Championship

JT Kasin def. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

NYWC FUSION Championship

NYWC FUSION Championship

Fatal Four Way Match - NYWC FUSION Champion Tyler Murphy def. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy, “Man of Steel” Mike Verna and Randy Summers

NYWC Championship

NYWC Championship

Stockade (c) vs. Rex Lawless - No Contest

After a vicious brawl… Rex Lawless officially joined the team of Bull James and Mouse for the 15th Annual Psycho Circus Match









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