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NYWC Tag Team Championship

NYWC Tag Team Championship

NYWC Tag Team Champions The Juicy Product def. Milk Chocolate

DJ Hyde def. JT Kasin

J-Redd calls out Stockade and berates him for showing respect to J-Ro at Trust No One. Their altercation quickly turns into a brawl. Moments later, Stockade is ambushed by The A Listers. Team Tremendous then emerged from the locker room to back up Stockade. As J-Redd is heading back to the locker room after being beaten senseless, Crusher Doogan and Athletic Inc. walk to the ring and confront Stockade. Doogan threatens to reveal a truth about Stockade if he does not exit the ring

Stockade complies and leaves the ring. Doogan then issued an open challenge to Team Tremendous to face Athletic Inc. in a Tag Team Match. Team Tremendous defeats Athletic Inc.

Ultimo Maya def. Jabali Jr.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Mixed Tag Team Match

NYWC Starlet Co-Champions Marti Belle and Rick Cataldo def. Chrissy Rivera and J- Ro

NYWC FUSION Championship

NYWC FUSION Championship

NYWC FUSION Champion Rex Lawless def. Shane Strickland

As Francis Kipland Stevens prepares for his match, a mysterious figure is forcefully escorted out of the building by security. Kip then begins to verbalize his frustration with Vitko as he stands in the ring. Suddenly, Vitko emerges from under the ring and attacks Kip with a kendo stick. He is joined by his two accomplices who also viciously attack Kip. NYWC security then quickly rushes to the ring, and forcefully escort Vitko and his partners from the building

Grim Reefer def. Cono

The Premier Gods address the crowd and share their disappointment that they do not have a match. They issue a challenge to The Juicy Product for the Tag Team titles. Instead of accepting the challenge, Juicy Product issued a challenge of their own for the Premier Gods to face Milk Chocolate, with the winner to face them at Till I Collapse. Both teams accept the challenge and the match begins. As the match comes to a close, “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy ambushes both teams. The match ends in a No Contest

Anthony LaCerra def. Alvin Alvarez

Tag Team Match

Tag Team Match

"Flawless" Blake Morris and Mike Mondo def. Big O and Mikey Whipwreck (c)









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